Beginning with the 2017 season, the Capital Football Conference has adapted its weight guidelines to welcome traditionally heavier players in a limited capacity.  The Saints believe the new rule will expand the amount of children who can play tackle football at certain positions without having a negative impact on player safety.  The new “Red Stripe” rule allows these players to play without putting them at positions of high impact (where they are less likely to make contact while running).  Red Stripe players will wear a red stripe on their helmets on game day and will only be able to play from “Tackle to Tackle” along the offensive/defensive lines, if they do not make the traditional weight limit.  The CFA joins many leagues across the state that have implemented this common sense rule and report no increase in player injuries or concussions.   This spirit behind this rule is as follows: All kids deserve to play football safely.  If you have any questions regarding the new rule, please see your child’s head coach.

2016 Weight/Position Guidelines

Smurf under 85: Any Position
Smurf over 85:  Offensive Center, Guard, Tackle.  Defensive Lineman

Peewee under 105: Any Position
Peewee over 105:  Offensive Center, Guard, Tackle.  Defensive Lineman

Pony under: 130: Any Position
Pony over: 130  Offensive Center, Guard, Tackle.  Defensive Lineman

Midget under: 160: Any Position
Midget over: 160:  Offensive Center, Guard, Tackle.  Defensive Lineman

For more on the safety of the Red Stripe Rule please read this very informative article: