2016 Peewee FOOTBALL

 5-3-1 Record, CFA National Conference

Every year it takes me a few days to come to terms with the end of the season. For players, coaches, and parents alike it is a great commitment of time, energy, and emotion. Every year is unique and this year’s group has been one of the best that I have had the privilege to coach. We were fortunate to have a good mix of athleticism and toughness, but the hallmark of the 2016 Saints Pee Wee team has been its DEDICATION and TEAMWORK. When we met at the beginning of the year, we stressed to the players that we would not be a team with ONE HERO, but instead a group of heroes DEPENDING on each other to STEP UP when called upon. That is exactly the way the season unfolded. On countless occasions, different players stepped up to help the team succeed; and that, above all things, is the hallmark of a good team. We posted a very strong regular season record of 5-2-1, and despite running into a tough Susquehanna team that had our number, I believe we were one of the top teams out of the 12 in our conference. While seeding really hurt us from making it to the second round of playoffs, teams we know we can defeat like Northern and Mechanicsburg moved on. And if you look even deeper, out of the 30 teams in the entire CFA, we were certainly a top 10 football squad. THAT is a LOT to Hang our Hats (Helmets) on. Still, the season is measured much more by the quality of football, execution, learning, and fun our kids experienced. As things come to a close, the Red Land games comes to mind as a complete demonstration of what this team was able to accomplish. Thanks again to MOM (Terry Witters), and the great group of coaches we had this season, thanks to all of you for your support. And most of all, thanks to my Saints Peewee players for the great memories, awesome season, and for the opportunity to coach such awesome kids! For the players moving up, it has been an extreme privilege, I think I speak on behalf of the rest of the staff when I say we will miss coaching them, but enjoy watching the rest of their football journeys. For those of you who are coming back as second year Pee Wee’s LET’s GET AT IT – lol!

-Head Coach Todd Paradine

1-0: August 27 or 28: Saints 20, Good Shepherd Rams 7
1-0-1: September 4: Mechanicsburg Wildcats 7, Saints 7
2-0-1: September 11: Saints 18, Steelton Raiders 6
3-0-1: September 18:  Saints 25, Middletown Blue Raiders 0
3-1-1: September 24 or 25:  Carlisle Herd 14, Saints 12
4-1-1: October 2: Saints 33, Hummelstown Bulldogs 6 
4-2-1: October 9: Susquehanna Indians 31, Saints 0
5-2-1: October 16: Saints 13, Red Land Patriots 0
1st Round:  Susquehanna Indians 31, Saints 6

AWARDS: Kade Finkboner – Defensive Player of the Year (runner-up)

71 Dominic Allen
55 Garrett Armolt
57 Logan Bretz
50 Brayden Colgate
52 Dominic Davalos
22 Jack Dawson
23 Julius Eutzy
32 Kade Finkboner
56 Ja’Won Germany
20 Matthew Hastings
17 Jaden Heckard
85 Bryce Hockenberry
62 Justin Keim
45 Austin Lambaria Gonzales
16 Jordan Lewis-Mckay
43 August Miller
2 Ishmael Palmer
25 Aaron Patterson
66 Jaymar Reid
26 Jose Santiago Jr
15 Erik Schriver
47 Evan Schriver
68 Liam Sherrick
83 Shawn Smith
41 Jonah Tirado
7 Jon Walker
6 Javion Walker