10-1 Record, CFA National Conference
Division 3 Champions

CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT SEASON. 10-1. After spending a day to reflect, our boys accomplished so much this season. We had a phenomenal team this year, but we weren’t perfect. In the end, we finished short of one of our goals – but what our kids achieved this year was a monument to their effort and heart. It isn’t easy for a small group of 9 & 10-year-olds to sustain that level of championship effort against every opposition. Obviously this was a team that could have won the Super Bowl; in the end, they were wore thin, the season took its toll. Perhaps going undefeated in the regular season, actually hurt us in the long run…. I know it will sting the boys for a long time. But when the dust settles this team will be remembered as a group of boys that rallied around each other when no one believed in them but themselves. They surprised the league and our organization, but they did not surprise themselves. Our kids know that they are winners – they knew it from the moment they stepped on the field. They played some beautiful football this year and I am honored to have been their coach.
-Coach Todd

10-1 Undefeated Regular Season –¬†Division Champs





New Cumberland Saints
2013 Peewee Player Roster

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Todd Paradine

Josh Hockenberry
Brad Kiehl
Chris Paradine
Rich Simpson
Terry Storm
Ray Werner


6 Connor Kiehl
7 Jontae Morris
16 Ethan Simpson
24 Mark Paradine
32 Kade Werner
35 Kendrell Robinson
37 Jamir Reynolds
51 Antonio Rodriguez
54 Josh Nelson
62 Bryce Stevens
65 Andrew Palovitz
68 Mason Bretz
72 Alexander Sanders
75 Gaige Harris
79 Brady Kiehl
81 Christian Fulkner
83 Malek Becheikh
86 Garrison Parthemore
89 Sean Thompson