About the New Cumberland Saints

10154564_10152365215050889_5576234352296336047_nObjectiv90sHelmetse: Why do we do what we do? To implant in the youth of our community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority. We hope that these youth grow up to be well-adjusted, stronger and happier and grow to be good decent, healthy and trustworthy adults! History of The Saints: Memorial Field is home to the New Cumberland Saints, it used to be the Cedar Cliff High School’s track. The area our cheerleaders stand for our Sunday games in front of the stands still has remnants of gravel and dirt!  It was used by the high school track team until 1960 when the new high school was built. Youth football in New Cumberland started in 1954 and was just a local rec league that had several teams that played against each other. The St. new_cumberland_tigers_middle_new_cumberland_magnet-r826033cc634b4674823515c08a1085b8_x7js9_8byvr_324Theresa’s Saints were formed in 1973 as a charter member of the then Catholic Football Association. In 1977 the New Cumberland Tigers were formed and they began to play outside of the area in the wsvikingsKMFC league. cache_28072758049 years later in 1986, the New Cumberland Tigers and the St. Theresa Saints merged to form one town team. Then in 2010 The West Shore Vikings (one of the oldest town teams) joined the NC Saints. That is how the team you know today as the New Cumberland Saints was formed!

1980 st saints

1980 St. Theresa Saints Peewees

Our Season: Our preseason practices start in July, games start the end of August and run into early November. Games are mostly played on Sundays, with Saturdays primarily being used for JV teams games. At the end of the season there are playoffs, semi-finals and championship games and those schedules are traditionally not available untill near the end of the season. The cheerleaders march/cheer and perform a routine in the annual NC Halloween parade. In recent years the football players have also participated by riding in sponsored trucks and tossing candy to the kids thru the parade route. We have a mid season Pig roast with activities and games for the kids and then an end of season awards banquet. Always a ton of fun for all! Our Field: Our home field is Memorial Field located between 4th and 5th Street, New Cumberland PA. We have a concession stand that is open at every home game, and thru the week at practices when the majority of the teams/squads are at the field. The concession stand is undergoing a “Mini-Makeover” this spring courtesy of Home Depot, so make sure to stop by and check out the updates! Our Teams:cfafootball We have four levels of play within the CFA (Capital Football Association), Smurf, PeeWee, Pony and Midget. This is traditional tackle football, not flag football. The NC Saints Cheerleaders participate in 1-3 recreational competitions only and cheer at the home and away football games, the NC Halloween parade and from time to time other area events. Players must be between the ages of 5 and 13 years old. The ages are determined on April 30th of that year. If a player is 13 on April 13th they are eligible.  If they are 14 on April 30th they are not eligible. The level that the child plays on is determined at registration.