2017 Pony Cheerleading 

Welcome to the 2016 Saints pony cheer season!

Head Coach: Terri Jefferson : 717-425-8373

Assistant Coach: Valorie Boeckel : 717-756-7578

Okay!!! Update time! Please make sure you read everything there is a lot of info to pass on!

1)Pep Rally is tomorrow at 6. Please have the girls arrive by 530 so we can warm and practice. They must be in FULL UNIFORM! Hair in high ponytail w/ bow, Vest/navy blue tank, bonnies, skirt, white socks,white sneakers. Please be sure to bring a t-shirt OR change of clothes to eat/drink the snack at the end of the pep rally! Remember there is to be no eating in uniforms without a shirt covering! This will be an automatic demerit if I or another coach see it. IF YOUR CHILD WILL NOT ATTEND I MUST KNOW ASAP! We do have routine planned out that requires our whole squad.

2) Game on Sunday: Good Shepherd Rams @ Trinity High School I will send address in a text message on Saturday. Girls need to arrive in full uniform by 2:00 pm. Please make sure they bring water. This our first official game of the season!! Exciting :)

3)Extra cheer pack accessories: If you need to purchase any extra items (bonnies/liner) you may do so at this point. We will only be placing one last order on Monday. Money must be received or your order will not be placed and again this will be the last order. Liners are $25 and Bonnies are $15

4)Practice next week. Tuesday 6-730. Thursday we will practice at Cedar Cliff High School 530-7.

5)FUTURE COLT NIGHT will be 9/2/16. This is a fun night where the girls will get to cheer with the high school cheerleaders at an actual high school football game( The colts first home game :) ) This is not mandatory but is a very fun time for the girls! Girls must arrive by 630. Cheerleaders are free. If parents would like to stay and watch you must pay to get in.

I think that’s all for now :) The girls are doing phenomenal this season!! They learned their hello cheer so quick! I am over the moon proud of them and so is coach Valorie!

Any questions or concerns please contact me!